Individual counseling consists of weekly or bi-weekly 50-minute appointments. The first session is an intake interview that will cover the concerns bringing you in to therapy, as well as a broad overview of your life and experiences. Together, we will come up with your goals for counseling, and that will provide guidelines for our work together. Over time your goals may change, and we can address that in the process.


      Group therapy happens as a series or as a day-long workshop. Group therapy generally consists of 6 to 12 weekly, structured, 2-hour sessions over a wide variety of topics. Group therapy can involve a range of activites including psychoeducation, interpersonal interaction, writing, movement, and so on. I currently have curriculums for the following Group Therapy Series:

  • Radical Body Acceptance

  • Queer Relationship Enrichment  

  • Sexuality Exploration and Healing

‚Äč      Please follow my Instagram or Facebook pages (links are in Contact Me section) for up-to-date information on current group therapy or workshops being offered, or feel free to write me and ask.


      CouplesPlus therapy refers to relationship counseling for couples as well as any configuration of polyamorous or nonmonogamous arrangement. At this time I am seeking further relationship counseling training and will update this as I become qualified to see you for couples+ therapy. I am excited to offer this option soon!

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