Hello fellow journeyers. So often, we encounter tremendous pain on life's path: the world around us and within us can be difficult to bear. Whatever you are struggling with, no matter how lost you feel, you deserve support. I am here to help guide your search for a new path of possibility in the face of suffering.

      Counseling is a place you can share the burden, explore the pain, and find a new way of being. We will explore what you need, gather tools of growth, and make our way into a deeper understanding of who and how you want to be in the world. Together, we will plot out the tender, brave space you need to find your way. Healing is a non-linear, non-stop process: it has ups and downs, and I am ready to meet you wherever you are.

      Let me join you on the long, winding road we call life.

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      Please allow two business days for a response. If you are having a mental health crisis and need immediate support, contact BHR, a local crisis line, at 314-469-6644.

      Be mindful of not sharing personal details through online communications, due to the privacy limitations of email.



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